Hello. My name is Alex, and I'm a Writeaholic ...


Welcome to my website! 

I am an indie author, so it means a LOT that you took the time to do me a solid and peruse my page.

 About Me:

1) I have two published young-adult fiction books (check out the "ORDER MY BOOK" tab) 

2) I post poems to my Facebook fanpage (click the "SOCIAL MEDIA" tab & please like my page)

3) I am currently touring schools with the goal of promoting creative writing, reading, and education.

... If you are a teacher and would like me to visit your students, or if you just want to shoot me a message to say hi, please feel free to email me: aaanderson411@gmail.com.

My background:

I was born in Detroit, raised in New Orleans, and schooled in Tennessee. I, however, have found a home like no other in Charlotte, NC. I studied English/Creative Writing at the University of TN, Emergency Medicine in St. Petersburg FL, and became a Registered Nurse in 2009.

Alexander A. Anderson

Author. Registered Nurse. Jedi Master.